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Top 10 things that I loved and that I learned while in Playa del Carmen 
  • 4 min read
Day by day we are getting closer to weather that screams “Let’s go to the beach!”
  • 2 min read
There is no question that we all, at some point in our teens and early 20s, wished we were in Daytona Beach having the time of our lives with wet t-shirt contests, drinking games, hot boys, and even hotter bikinis for a week straight in the month of March
  • 2 min read
Maybe I don’t have to wait for the temperature to hit 80 as an excuse to pull out my fav bikinis, why can’t I rock my fav Salty Swimwear all year round? 
  • 2 min read
Don’t we all wish bikini weather was year-round? We created this collection because we wanted to be able to wear Salty no matter what the forecast calls for!
  • 1 min read