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Featured Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are bad-ass merbabes that spread good vibes all over the world and share their experiences with our #SALTYSQUAD.

Mariana Cinalli


Dubái, United Arab Emirates

Dream charity?  If I had the resources and the time I would love to spend them teaching children in need in different parts of the world

Favorite bikini? All Salty Bikinis are amazing😍 I LOVE my Strappy Starlet Green Geometric, the fit is awesome 😎 super comfy

Blake Gaylord

Long Beach, CA

Dream charity? I would start a charity named Miss B’s Safe Spot. A place where we neuter and spay homeless dogs and cats and find loving homes for them. I am a huge advocate in helping end homelessness and euthanasia for dogs and cats. Our furry friends deserve the love and joy they bring to us.

Favorite bikini? The Rainforest Ruffles Reversible bikini because it’s a universally flattering bikini while also showing off my cute booty. Everyone should feel sexy in a bikini and that’s exactly how I feel in this bikini!

Cara Cabla

San Antonio, TX

Dream charity? I would start a charity to help develop and implement effective strategies for restoring the coral reefs, and educate others on the importance of our ocean’s health #savethemermaids 😘

Favorite bikini? The Strappy Starlet Carnival Bikini is my favorite!

Madison Towriss

Miami, FL

Dream charity? I would start a charity that funds arts in the education system

Favorite bikini? I love the Bohemian Queen Triangle bikini. The colors are amazing and I love the Brazilian fit of the bottoms.

Christin Alvarado

Yorba Linda, California

Dream charity? I can think of so many charities I would love to start it’s hard to pick just one! But I would choose a charity that funds shark conservation and educates people about sharks. They are such a misunderstood animal, people fear them and kill millions of sharks each year for various reasons. Yet they are such an important part of the oceans ecosystem and keep everything in balance.

Favorite bikini? My favorite Salty Mermaid bikini (so far!) is the green Iguazu Oasis.