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Our new Puppy Lovin' print is perfect for our salty babes whose pups will their #1 Valentine this year.

Interested to learn more about our new spectacularly cute print? Check out this interview with our pet-obsessed founder Sarah Jon Porreca to learn more about the pups that inspired this perfect print for our Valentines' Collection: 

Who are these inspirational pups? 

SJP: Brina is an Albino Doberman. She was rescued when she was around 3 months old. The breeder kept her in a horrible cage from the time she was born and she developed Clubfeet and neurological problems. She was sent to be put down but a friend suggested she live out her days on my ranch instead. It's 5 years later and she is running around like a deer and smarter than ever... too smart and way too spoiled.

Cash is a 2-year-old Black Lab rescue. He may be the smartest dog alive and loves his mamma almost as much as he loves tennis balls. He has now mastered the art of diving to the bottom of the pool for a ball. #ProudMom

Then there is Daisy. She is a 6-year-old Viszla and my soul dog. Here eyes are windows to her soul and she is my everything. I'm rarely pictured without her by my side. She is also the COO of Salty Mermaid and double checks all fabric quality control for softness and dog-proof of kisses. 


Where did the idea for this print come from? 

SJP: I am slightly obsessed with dogs and I love the fact that our girls love them just as much! When we designed prints for '21 we tried to find some cute imagery but it was almost impossible to find a feminine, fun, and flirty puppy print. One of the upsides of this turmoil time of Covid was that so many families adopted dogs since they had more time at home. I remember seeing a picture of an empty dog shelter and crying at how there is good in everything even when things are bad. I decided I wanted to create a puppy print that showed the love between dogs and people and our hearts.


What role do your pets play in your crazy life? 

SJP: With Covid we have all had to get creative with working from home and if it was not for my dogs I would go stir crazy. They are my little Salty Mermaid ambassadors. They entertain me by letting me dress them up in the suits and be my "fit models". It is so interesting to watch dogs and their personality traits. Each one has such a vital role and they know it.

If my dogs were humans, Cash would be the employee that comes in 30 min earlier than they need to and pumps up everyone for the meeting. Brina would be the girl that has the best style and always is honest enough to tell you when you have something in your teeth. Daisy would be the team player that would help anyone out with everything with a smile on her face. 


Do you have a Valentine this year?  

SJP: My Cash is my Valentine this year. He is such a Mama's boy and my little protector. The men have a lot of lessons to learn from this handsome stud!


Be a heart-stopper this Valentine's Day and rock our new Puppy Lovin print with your best pup by your side!