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About Us


Salty Mermaid is the creative teamwork of best friend’s duo Sarah Jon Porreca and Kara Versage. Both born and raised in the bright and Sunny city of Tampa, FL. Sarah and Kara grew up as best friends since 8th grade and even though some of them didn’t always have the best taste in fashion If you ever meet them ask Kara about the patent leather pants at the 1999 New year’s Eve party) They knew that every girl strived to feel absolutely stunning… while practically wearing nothing. Both girls had the vision to create a Swimsuit that empowered the beauty of the woman within and the world throughout.


Sarah Jon, the CEO is the daredevil out this dynamic duo, you usually will catch these two riding around in a monster truck, a 4 wheeler or a sports car all while Sarah is driving and Kara is clinging on screaming for dear life. You can usually find Sarah in a swimsuit whether it’s at the beach, by a bonfire or relaxing at brunch. She made sure to bring this element to certain suits so girls like herself never had to feel the limitations of wearing their favorite suit only at the beach. She has made sure to bring her spunk and sass to each suit you see, she wants every girl to feel like they are living in the moment, to take a minute to breathe and to soak up that natural high called life. Sarah Jon also has a strong passion for animals, this can be seen on certain liners of special suits depicting funny animal prints. These unique liners represent the inner child in all of us.


Kara, the Chief Operating Officer is a wanderlust at heart with a captivating gypsy soul, she has traveled to over 20 countries to not only feed her hunger and passion for amazing sights and once in a lifetime adventures but to bring back pieces of each country to personally include in each collection. Whether it’s the tiles of Copacabana in Brazil she walked on, the inspiration of seeing the pyramids in Egypt that was on her bucket list or nestling with the monkeys in her hammock in Argentina.. Every swimsuit you see will have Kara’s small touch of wanderlust love to make each girl feel like she has traveled and seen the world through Kara’s eyes and to feel the same empowerment that she can do anything and go anywhere.


Both Sarah and Kara strive to bring character to each suit that is created. Both girls have worked diligently on every component of the bathing suit you will be wearing from the strong elastic to hold up your seashells to the care label (You have to read the care label) They searched high and low to find the most soft yet strong luxe fabrics… They have mastered the perfect cut for every body shape and have selected a handful of sought after designers and seamstresses to create the perfect suit. Sarah and Kara had worked to accomplish their one mission they have had in mind since high school (Ok they had 2 but marrying rich super hero’s didn’t pan out for them) to create a swim line that empowers the beauty of the woman within and the world throughout. Enjoy your swimsuit and remember, a lot of love and laughter went into it.. Wear it proudly.