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June 21st of 2021 will be the longest day of the year, marking the start of the summer solstice all around the world. The summer solstice is a time to celebrate the return of light and life the sun brings us. Here are some ways that you can celebrate this beautiful day from wherever you are: 

Start the Day with Sun Salutation

Greet the sun in the morning with some yoga outdoors. Sun salutation is a series of yoga poses that stretches the whole body and can be done by any level yogi. Attend a class on the beach with some friends or practice in your backyard with a Youtube video like thisone

Have Dinner Outside 

Invite your girls over for a summer solstice soiree! Utilize elements of nature like flowers and fruits in your table decor, even set up your table low to the ground so you can be closer to the earth. Add some fun colorful glassware and thrifted tableware for final touches. 

Bathe in the Sun 

Put on some sunscreen and spend 30 minutes or so taking in the sunshine. On a boat or by the pool, spend some peaceful time outside and bathe in the light of the sun to celebrate this day! 

Decorate Your Home for Summer 

Bring the positive vibes of the day inside by adding some summer decor to your home. Decorate with fresh citrus for a beautiful pop of color and cleansing scent. 

Set Intentions 

Use this day as an opportunity to set new intentions for the rest of the year. What do you want to get done and accomplish in your life right now? Write them down and use them as a reminder to energize you for the rest of the year. Take advantage of the extra time you have today to practice your favorite affirmations and deep breathing.  

However you celebrate the summer solstice, we hope you take some time for yourself and get outside to enjoy the sunshine!