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New Year, New Workouts

New year new you? Maybe not, but a new year is a great opportunity to start new habits and work on becoming your best self! 

Why not become your best self by trying out a new workout! Try out one of these different and exciting workouts to spice up an existing routine or to start a brand new one. Who knows, maybe it will be exactly what you needed!

Roller Skating

A great way to get off your butt, see something new, and have the wind in your face! Roller staking offers you options, whether you want some time outside to yourself with your favorite song on repeat or you wanna mix it up on a theme night at the rink with your besties, you’ll have a great time on wheels and get a great workout while you’re at it!


Hot Girl Walk

Popularized on Tik Tok, the hot girl walk is exactly what you think it is. Take some time to yourself on a walk around your neighborhood in your favorite area in the city while listening to an inspiring female-driven podcast. Think about your goals, aspirations, or even the latte you’re gonna treat yourself to when you are done. Even better, bring your pup along for an extra great time. Your hot girl walk is all about you! 



Think you’re not tough enough to put up a fight? Think again. Kickboxing is great for endurance and strength training, not to mention it is a great way to get all your bad emotions out. Look out for all women’s classes for an extra girl power experience! 


Goat Yoga 

Animals and a peaceful workout? Count me in! Maybe goat yoga isn’t an everyday routine but it’s definitely so much fun to do once in a while with your girls. Doing out-of-the-box exercises is a great way to jump back into exercise if you’ve taken a little bit of time off! 


Pole Fitness 

This one is for the baddies! The best of both worlds, get a great workout in while feeling your sexiest self. Pole classes are welcoming for anyone and have multiple difficulty levels you can work your way up. Go alone to try something new or book a private class for a birthday or bachelorette party! 


Couples Workouts 

The possibilities are endless for a couples workout! Let your partner motivate and push you by being a team. Sign up for an acro yoga class or follow along with a guided partner exercise video in your living room, either way, you’ll get your booty kicked and spend some quality time with your partner! 


Dance Workout Videos 

Not ready to workout outside the comfort of your living room yet? No worries! Try a dance workout on YouTube. Pick for your favorite songs and get in a quick and fun workout. Not only will you get your body moving but you’ll start feeling like the Dance Moms star you knew you were meant to be! We love MadFit’s dance party videos on Youtube, Check her out below!