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Slaty Mermaid Favorites!

Quay Sunglasses



Hey Salty Babes! Spring break is coming in hot and it’s time to start planning. Daytona? San Diego? Cabo? Tulum? No matter where you and your crew end up, you are sure to need a well packed beach bag. But no worries, we’ve got you covered with a look inside a Salty girls’ beach bag filled with all of our favorite beach essentials! 


The Bag - It is so important to have a quality beach bag for your adventure. The Getaway Weekender Bag from is perfect! It’s a great size with such fun colors and patterns. 

Sunglasses - A must have while taking in the sunshine! Love all the fun and inexpensive options from Urban Outfitters.     

Sparkling Water - Often overlooked, sparkling water is a great pack in case you need to get the taste of saltwater in your mouth, or just to sip on for some extra hydration. Plus we love the funky cool packaging on the Sound Sparkling Water cans! 

SPF Lip Balm - Protect those gorgeous lips of yours from the sun with this Tinted SPF Lip Balm from Sun Bum!

Face Sunscreen - Possibly one of the most important packs, no matter where you spend spring break you are going to need a good sunscreen to protect your face. We are dying over the Resting Beach Face Sunscreen! 

A Salty Bikini - Of course you are going to need to bring all your favorite Salty Bikinis! Loving our latest drop in the New Swim on the Block collection! It is giving all those MTV spring break throwback vibes. 

Tanning Oil - Get your tan on girl! We never forget to pack our Bali Body Tanning Oil when hitting the beach. 

Travel Wallet - Keep all your important things in one place with a travel wallet that has a spot for everything. Again, loving the options from like this Getaway Travel Wallet! 

Camera - Most important, you have got to capture the moment! Bring along a disposable camera to get all the shots of you and your besties without worrying about taking the perfect picture. These days, it’s all about a big smile and fun memories! 

Hope you enjoyed your look into the Salty Babes beach bag! Wishing you a spring break full of sunshine, smiles, and of course… Salty!